Submersible drainage and sewage pumps

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Submersible Pumps in stainless steel

Flow Head Power
1.2 / 13.2 1.7 / 12.7 0.25 / 0.6
mc/h m kW
  • Domestic and residential
  • Civil
  • Industrial

Data sheet

Single-impeller submersible pumps in chrome-nickel stainless steel, with vertical delivery port and with open impeller.
Motor cooled by the pumped water passing between the motor jacket and the external jacket.
Double shaft seal with oil chamber.
Minimum dimension and high levels of performance, for use in many different applications, head up to 12,7 m and flow rates up to 220 liters/min.

- For clean water containing solids up to 10 mm grain size.
- For draining rooms or or emptying tanks.
- Extraction of water from ponds, streams or pits and
for rainwater collection.
- For irrigation purposes.
For outdoor use a power supply cable of not less than 10 m should be used in accordance with: EN 60 335-2-41.


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