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Be a worldwide family corporation

A taylor made pump for life, delivered in one day

Move water in the most, sustainable way



We believe being a family is the right way to approach our worldwide business. When someone choose Calpeda is because of trust and reliability.

We work daily on our gemba kaizen to reach an extreme level of customization and customer satisfaction. We work on technology development to be at forefront and apply every regulation.

We study the water flowing path and the birds’ flight as they migrate, in order to understand how the Nature teaches us to save energy.



FAMILY. Trite but true: focus on people, families, community.

TRUST. Homemade products and development, only local suppliers.

SERVICE. Moving fast for a changeable world. Be flexible to meet the customers’ needs. 




Our subsidiary Calpeda Pumps Ireland has obtained prestigious “Guaranteed Irish” accreditation for a customised solution designed to answer the specific needs of the Irish market. The recognised product is Aquarius, for a self- contained, integrated pump and water storage solution an integrated system for accumulating and pumping water that is characterised by tanks of different sizes and […]

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Peripheral electric pumps may generally be regarded as an intermediate category between centrifugal pumps and volumetric pumps. While in the first category, an increase in the head implies a decrease in the flow rate, in the latter the flow rate is not affected by pressure. Instead, the curve of the peripheral pumps follows a trend […]

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